We are the bass in the band,

when the startup founder is the vocalist.


We are the reliable, dependable support

behind the scenes



Reliable Beatmaker



No idea is too early for Bass. We want to partner with talented founders early on, and help them prepare for growth. Whether it’s seed or pre-A, it’s never too early to partner with Bass, and we can continue to follow-on invest and provide support into Series A and B stages. We want to be the founder’s first institutional partner.


Bass founders were core leaders or founders at Kakao and TMON, two of the largest tech ventures in recent decade. Bass can not only help think through the strategy for future rounds, but can provide real operational support, whether it is recommending key hires to striking partnerships with larger companies. We can genuinely relate to founders because we ourselves were there before.


We at Bass understand that while your team is small, you can still dream big. We can appreciate the vision founders have to disrupt a big market or go global, and we understand that in the beginning, the vision may not be fully substantiated with data or revenue. We too like to dream big and are willing to take the risk to buy into your vision. 베이스인베스트먼트


We founded Bass because we genuinely like working with founders and helping startups grow.  We are not here to make a quick buck, we want to help support partners through the thick and the thin and to achieve their longterm vision. We understand that building a real business takes time, and have the patience to wait out the bumps along the way. We are the Bass in the band, founder’s reliable and dependable partner behind the scenes.  



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